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Claim members of animeleague here

Animeleague Claim
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Welcome to Al Claim

This Lj Community was created so that you can claim your favourite (or perhaps not so favourite) animeleague member.

This community was made by spriter any queries, contact her.


1. You can only claim one animeleague member.
2. They must be a member of animeleague, no other forum.
3. Claims can only be for one member and not on a username basis. Although the username may change, you cannot claim different usernames if essentially it is the same member.
4. If you Claim a member and wish to change your member, you must declare that you no longer own that member before changing.
5. All claims will be entered into the communities lj userinfo, so check back to see if your member is claimed.
6. If a member is already claimed, you cannot claim that member, less they are given up.
7. Claims will be on first come first served. First to Claim gets the member.
8. You can claim the person that claimed you.

This Claim community is just for fun, and nobody actually owns each other. Please do not feel that if someone owns you, that they control what you do, unless your into that and want to be kinky O_o

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spriter Claimed FreeSaiyan
cloudmx Claimed Tai Chi
queen_washu Claimed DSW
riotlounge Claimed Draven
emperorpete Claimed ShinNoTenshi/Sakaki
mother Claimed Kamineko/Kami/Ren
dancingpeasant Claimed Porn
ragnorakz Claimed a Rock from his garden
onsale Claimed Heather/Rikku/Azaelia/Raven.
bentfire Claimed Evan/IC